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FELU MBA lectures with Mr. Žiga Debeljak


On the 10th of March 2012, the FELU MBA programme hosted Mr. Žiga Debeljak, CEO of Mercator d.d., within the Managerial Economics course.

He combined theory and practice in a really motivating and interesting way, based on the “real-case” examples.  It was a great opportunity to listen one of the best Slovenian CEO’s on how to position the company on the long term, what are the competitive advantages and how to make than an added value to the producers and most importantly, buyers.

Mr. Debeljak also explained how this function is placed in Mercator’s organizational structure and how important it is in terms of strategic decisions in a company.

On behalf of the entire programme team, we would like to thank Mr. Debeljak, for the time he spent with us, and to have prepared an interesting case and answers for all of the many questions that had followed after and also during his lecture.

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