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Speech by Gavin Lawrie, a reputable UK strategy consultant

10.04.2018Comments are closed.

On Wednesday, April 18 2018,  a speech by a reputable UK strategy consultant, Gavin Lawrie, director of 2GC Active Management, entitled “The Future of Strategy” was held at the Faculty of Economics.

We do not need more or different strategy tools, but rather learn to combine and deploy tools we already know but just do not use.

Modern Business Strategy—competition and conflict between organizations - is broken. Competitive advantage does not come from having a competitive strategy, but rather from how well it is implemented.

So where does strategy go next? The role of the managers in organizations needs to be re-imagined—driven by the desire to get the very best from their organization—a move away from the agency model and back to the owner/proprietor model. We need to reconcile views and reach consensus within management teams and between management teams and stakeholders. Stakeholders need to be more actively involved in organizational policy formation. The successful future organization will be one that can rapidly absorb and formalize the interests and requirements of its stakeholders and translate this into changed sustainable and effective behaviors more quickly and cost-effectively than its competitors. We need to attach more importance to culture and shared values within the organization—empowering local actions and aligned behaviors. Organizational culture should emphasize a cross-discipline interest in organizational health rather than a functional rigor. All in all, strategy tools need a greater focus on empathy—expected financial performance should be one measure of progress rather than the only goal.

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