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Alumni event: “Look into the unknown, into the chaos.”

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Get to know yourself, get to know the leader inside you” was the recurring theme of the alumni event held on 18 October 2018 at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana. The discussion revolved around the tremendous impact of a profound personal change on a person’s business and interpersonal relations. Experienced experts who work in this area in one way or another delved into the aspect of a conscious leader of the current times, whereas the guest Dušica Kunaver, a collector of traditional folk materials, recounted an antique story about leadership and intellect.

Dr. Matjaž Lunaček, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, first touched upon the issue of identity crisis and, consequently, the trigger that forces a person to find an overall purpose and meaning. Endless competitiveness (and its growing importance in society) can undermine a person’s self-image already in adolescence when they fail to achieve something. It is not only self-image that is affected, but interpersonal relations, too. We thus have fanatic parents on one side and children, overburdened by knowledge, on the other, and there is insufficient communication among them, which usually leads to a number of psychosomatic disorders.

We must be aware that we are essentially not only intellectual beings, but also emotional and spiritual”, emphasised Barbara Sarić, BSc in Psychotherapy and trainee specialist in psychoanalysis, adding that the path towards oneself is the most important and inevitable way for those wishing to discover what makes them happy and become aware of how to overcome fear. We can only overcome fear if we focus on ourselves, if we know what we want and are aware that we can always rely on our inner strength.

Sandi Dolinar, a well-established meditation instructor, stressed the importance of intuition and inner emotions which help us grow personally and spiritually. “Children adopt and accept patterns from their parents. If parents give love to their children, that is the most they can give”, he said. If we want to give something, we can only give it, if we have it. This means that one must become love, accept and love oneself as well as work on oneself, while also being aware of the fact that if one wishes a change, one must change oneself first because it is impossible to change other people, at least not completely.

We must look into the unknown, into the chaos”, said Ksenija Špiler Božič, Director and Business Coach at the BB Svetovanje consulting company. She explained chaos is something we are unfamiliar with, something that is not evident enough. Therefore, chaos should be accepted and, in the midst of chaos, decisions made and paths that make us happy chosen. But before we can do that, we must first be in contact with ourselves and listen to our internal feeling. That is precisely why it is important to never stop researching, as no solution is an ‘instant’ answer.

Marja Černelič, MSc, personal advisor and author of the book ‘Second Birth’, spoke about family determination that can influence our dark side and become an obstacle in life. If you are very meticulous, you look for reasons for everything. But if you want to reach deeper into your findings, your essence and truth, you must research as only this way will you find your sparkle, your true self. It is important you find your own essence, on top of all knowledge.

The  experienced experts also discussed leadership and agreed that interconnecting, interaction and mutual influence are all extremely important. Moreover, one should be aware of authority and respectfulness. A good leader must live according to their mission, search for solutions and not for mistakes and, most importantly, must act inclusively because they influence other people by setting an example and acting as a role model.

The event was enriched by an art exhibition by Jan Bernot and Prof. Dr Deja Muck who has developed personally through fine arts. She presented her work entitled ‘Path of Love – Path towards Oneself’ where she employed the fractal drawing method to achieve freedom of the heart.

Anja Puc, EFnews



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