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Lecture for Club BGS: “For a start, don’t call it Design Thinking!”

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The BGS (Beta Gama Sigma) club, a prestige gathering of the Faculty of Economics’ best students, had the honour of attending a lecture entitled ‘Reflection on Design Thinking’ on 15 November on the Faculty campus. The lecture was organised by Associate Professor Katarina Katja Mihelič, PhD and was sponsored by GETM3 (Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 3), a Horizon 2020 project of the European Union which aims at better-utilised skills of future talents and “will ultimately lead to thriving generations” as Mihelič, PhD stated in her introduction to the lecture.

Mark Bailey BA (Hons)MA/MSc, Director of Innovation Design at Northumbria School of Design and a Teaching Fellow at Northumbria University, was invited from the UK to Ljubljana to share his knowledge on the Design thinking process and its practical uses. He has managed to create the kind of safe space required to unleash the creativity of (design) thinking where so-called failures can be transformed into experiments or research – as they call it in the medical environment. This had a positive outcome for Marija from Macedonia who became inspired to change her attitude to mistakes and to perceive them as experiments, even in the process of starting up a business.

After a short theoretical introduction, Bailey moved on to presenting some practical examples. Here I would like to point out the case of a certain company that used this principal, but without even knowing it had done so. Looking back, it seems they used every step in the Design thinking process, they engaged all the people connected to the end result and finally developed the Boeing 787 or Dreamliner. A plane which overlooked 90 years of practice in manufacturing planes and went into completely new – consumer-friendly – production.

He finished his lecture by describing some practical cases he has worked on, leading into an open discussion with the audience. In response to the question: “How to get people on your team when they think that design thinking is simply a waste of time?”, Bailey elegantly answered: “For a start, don’t call it Design thinking! And get them involved!”.

One former postgraduate student, Tim, later said he believes this kind of informal education is extremely important for getting professional practical experience from everyday work life. This statement alone indicates, and I agree, that this lecture itself was a good investment in a future generation.

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Danica Tajčman, EFnews

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