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The Delo mene išče Career Fair – A juncture of students and companies

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On Wednesday, 17 April 2019, the SEB LU Centre of Business Excellence (CBE), in cooperation with the student organisation Management Group, organised a career fair “Delo mene išče” (The Work is Looking for Me), whose primary goal was to connect students and companies in one place. Students were able to get an overview of career opportunities and meet their potential employers during the events and through short presentations of the companies, company exhibition booths, a roundtable and speed interviewing.

When entering the labour market, young people usually have a desire to work in a business environment that enables them to exploit their potential, mostly in the field they are studying or have studied. This gives them an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge and hopefully brings some freshness and new approaches to the companies. On the other hand, employers have their own wishes about what kind of employees they want to have within their companies. The majority of business representatives at the event had a similar opinion in that they mainly want engaged and motivated young people, who strive for continuous learning and a long-term working relationship. At the same time, they stressed that previous experience plays an important but often not a key role in the recruitment process.

DMI 2019 Event Coordinator Jana Benedik said: “The purpose of the event is to create a more relaxed environment where students will feel safe and more secure to communicate with the companies.” She highlighted that it is often the case that students do not know how to approach business representatives because they think that they already need an outlined final vision about what they want to do in life. That’s why this event, as a meeting point between companies and students, presents an ideal opportunity for both of them to communicate the differences between the expectations. She concluded that one of the DMI goals is for companies to realise that a new approach is definitely needed nowadays in order to attract the employees they want.

Accounting for the fact that the event certainly required a lot of organisation and work, we can certainly say that it has once again served up an amazing programme which helped students to learn more about the labour market and to take their first step towards their dream jobs.

Anja Puc, EF news


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