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Visit from company Hilti

12.11.2019Comments are closed.

What do power-tools, Industry 4.0, Liechtenstein and a German sense of humour have in common? In all honesty: Nothing really.  Except that they are all embodied in the life of the latest guest-speaker at IMB: The Head of Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 at the Hilti Corporation, Mr. Johan Stadler!

As part of providing IMB students with a practical perspective of challenges facing large and highly skill-intensive corporations in today’s world, we were honoured to receive a visit by a representative of one of the world’s most innovative family owned companies.

He gave us in-depth insight into how Hilti faces the technical challenges of big data and of the evolving construction sector. We were pleasantly surprised at the vast learning opportunities available to young graduates working in this Liechtenstein based firm.

The 27th generation of IMB would like to thank both Hilti and Mr. Stadler, as well as our Programme Director, for providing us with this educational opportunity.

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