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IFRS 9 transition effect on equity in a post bank recovery environment: the case of Slovenia

11.10.2020Comments are closed.

bank equity,
bank recovery,


  • dr. Maja Zaman Groff, Univerza v Ljubljani, Ekonomska fakulteta,
  • dr. Barbara Mörec Univerza v Ljubljani, Ekonomska fakulteta


On January 1, 2018, IFRS 9 became effective in the EU. It introduced the expected credit loss model to allow for timely recognition of credit losses, estimated not only on the actual credit loss experience but also on forward looking information related to current loan portfolio. Although the transition to IFRS 9 should lead to increased impairments and decrease in banks’ equity, this effect is ambiguous in the settings characterised by combined effects of optimistic macroeconomic outlook and strong regulatory intervention related to extensive loan portfolio restructuring. This paper investigates day-one transition effect of IFRS 9 on level of loan impairments and total equity of banks in Slovenia, Eurozone country, which barely averted international bailout in2013 by extensive state assisted bank restructuring. The comparative analysis is done on banks that transferred deteriorated loan portfolio to the state’s Bank Assets Management Company and all other banks. In line with expectations we find that banks without extensive asset portfolio improvements recognised additional loan impairments on transition to IFRS 9, whereas the opposite effect is observed for banks which performed state-assisted loan portfolio restructuring. Our study provides additional insight on the effect of institutional and regulatory setting on IFRS 9 implementation effects.


Economic Research – Ekonomska Istraživaja, In print



The article is available here.

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