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School of Economics and Business continues to bear the Certificate of athletic-friendly education in 2022

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The Olympic Committee of Slovenia has renewed the Certificate of athletic-friendly education to the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana (SEB LU). We have proven that we are an athlete-friendly educational institution, as student-athletes build dual careers while studying at SEB LU. Currently 46 top athletes studies at SEB LU. SEB LU, who was among the first to receive this certificate as early as 2019, supports students’ athletic careers while they are at university. The school provides them with an appropriate level of education to ease the transition into a new career path after their athletic careers end. Achieving a high level of athletic performance requires the athlete to participate in competitions both domestically and internationally, in addition to frequent and intensive training. Balancing these commitments with the demands of the educational process presents student-athletes with the challenge of coordinating and often motivating their activities.

What is a dual career?

The dual career of an athlete is an important segment of the Sports Act, as it allows active athletes to carry out the educational process and study obligations, among other things. For student-athletes, this means:

  • development of lifelong excellence of an individual athlete through his / her goal in the field of sports, education, and subsequent integration into the labour market,
  • professional planning and organization of conditions for dual careers of top athletes, and
  • implementation of the strategy of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, Association of Sports Federations, in accordance with the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes and the National Programme of Sport 2014-2023.

Society and sport are inextricably linked and benefit from each other. For society, well-educated athletes are role models for young people, which contributes to the value of excellence in society. Athletes, in turn, have the opportunity to acquire formal education during their sports career and be competitive in the job market in their second career. This promotes excellence in sports performance and education.

On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, SEB LU, in collaboration with the Slovenian Press Agency and the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, organised and broadcasted a live roundtable discussion on the topic of dual career athletes. Vinko Zovko, MSc, Head of the Education Department for Physical Education at SEB LU participated as a discussant in the online event promoting innovations in the field of dual careers of athletes. He presented the processes that SEB LU carries out in relation to sports and athletes, as the system is recognized as an example of best practice and effectively promotes excellence in education and sports.

Click here for more information on the certificate awarded.

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