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Face-to-face encounters with the kings and queens of Triglav National Park

23.01.2023Comments are closed.

On Tuesday, 17 January 2023, Triglav National Park moved to the School of Economics and Business, more specifically to the SEB LU Art Gallery. The Gallery hosted the opening of the exhibition entitled The Kingdom of the Julian Alps, featuring outstanding photographs of the fauna of the Slovenian Alps taken by photographer Božo Bradaškja.

But of course, there is much more behind the photos of animals than just a moment captured in time. Through his photographs, the photographer conveys his love of nature to the world and calls for the preservation of an ecosystem that is unfortunately under growing threat and crying out for help. Even at a young age, Mr Bradaškja learned the value of a peaceful life surrounded by nature in the Soča Valley, where one lives in harmony with nature at practically every turn, adapting to the sometimes harsh conditions it brings. During his schooling in Ljubljana, he experienced the pulse of the city, but the call of untouched nature beckoned him back more and more.

Mr Bradaškja’s selection of photos includes a range of motifs, among which the theme of wild animals predominates. One can only imagine how difficult it is to capture a wild animal in its natural habitat, especially when its sparkling energy meets human energy. On average, the photographer spent around nine hours on each photo, patiently waiting for the moment that will overwhelm the viewer with its beauty. Only sometimes did luck smile on him and he was able to capture a remarkable moment right from his car. But this is a rarity that cannot be counted on. It is not only about patient waiting and a stroke of good luck, but a good knowledge of nature and its creatures that is behind the beautiful photographs exhibited in the SEB LU Art Gallery, which show the realm of the Julian Alps and draw attention to the disappearing world that is worth doing more for.

I consider myself a protector of nature and wildlife, and I want to be their voice in this crazy world where everything is seen through the lens of money. We are not sufficiently aware that we are losing a priceless treasure by reducing the abundance of wild animals and with their extinction,” said Mr Bradaškja, an active member of DOPPS-Birdlife Slovenia, at the opening of the photographic exhibition. His next venture is to get a snap of all 10 species of owls living in Slovenia, which leaves him two hidden beauties short of his goal.

The breath-taking beauty of Triglav National Park, the love of nature and the call to respect the greatness of Slovenia’s nature come together in the SEB LU Art Gallery and invite you to visit. An eloquent reminder that will leave visitors with at least a little compassion speechless.

Danica Tajčman, EFnews



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