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President Pahor at the SEB LU: The road to success and the role of politics in today’s society

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On 14 November, Plava Dvorana was filled with numerous students. School of Economics and Business welcomed a distinguished guest – the former President of Slovenija, Borut Pahor, to an event entitled “Success through the eyes of Borut Pahor”. The conversation highlighted various stages and challenges in Pahor’s remarkable political career.

The central theme of the discussion was the unconventionality and non-linearity of Pahor’s path to success. “In the 2008 elections, I faced numerous challenges, and doubts arose, but through hard work, we achieved the goal we had set. Nevertheless, I maintained my independence and self-confidence, which led me to victory and the office of Prime Minister,” said Pahor.

He also highlighted the responsibility that comes with high positions, especially the need to distance oneself from political ideologies in favour of the common good. Pahor emphasised cooperation during the pandemic, in which he worked closely with Janez Janša and his government, despite political differences to find optimal solutions to the challenges.

Later in the evening, the president gave the students some direct advice: “Do not be afraid of the stage and the nervousness that comes with it. Turn it into a source of respect for the audience you are there for and their expectations otherwise, they will think you are there unnecessarily.

The rest of the evening included an in-depth discussion of important aspects of political action, including the ability to accept defeat, the essential skills every politician should possess and current conflicts. Pahor pointed out the unfortunate fact that there is often a tendency in politics to accumulate conflicts instead of actively addressing their constructive resolution. “We should not see our positions only as a product of individualistic thinking, but must be aware of our role as servants of society,” he emphasised. “And the fact that we are destroying each other is an international absurdity.

At the end of the evening, Pahor was provocatively asked for some advice for the current government. His answer was clear: “Slovenian people are entrepreneurial, honest, educated and hardworking. The government should recognise these values and give entrepreneurship more space and freedom and interfere less in the business of companies in order to ensure the sustainable progress that has characterised Slovenia for many years.

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