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Taking Knowledge Beyond the Classroom: IMB’s Visit to Krka

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At IMB, we believe that learning extends far beyond the confines of the classroom. Our commitment to education includes presenting our ideas to top management at leading companies, not just to our professors. Recently, our students had the unique opportunity to visit Krka, an experience that supports this approach.

Accompanying our students were esteemed professors Igor Lončarski, PhD, Marko Košak, PhD, Vasja Rant, PhD, and Polona Domadenik Muren, PhD, along with young researcher Barbara Kurbus. Krka’s board and management members further enriched the event with the participation of David Bratož (Member of the Management Board), Mojca Vidmar Berus (Director of Corporate Performance Management), Brane Kastelec (Finance Director), Nataša Pevec (Director of Pharmaceutical Production), and Uroš Ožbolt (Head of Capital Markets). Krka’s emerging talents also joined us: Blaž Plazar (International Operations Associate), Gregor Rožman (Senior Professional Associate for Risk Management), Hajdi Zajc (Professional Associate), David Kastrevc (Deputy Director, IMB 25th generation), and Tomaž Rozman (Assistant Finance Director, IMB 18th generation), as well as students from the 31st generation of the IMB programme.

The first part of the visit included a tour of NOTOL 2, the world’s largest and most technologically sophisticated solid dosage form manufacturing plant. Its vertical layout, process automation, and view of the high-speed automated warehouse impressed us.

The second part of the visit allowed us to meet Krka’s young talents, who presented their career paths. Then, IMB students from the Finance module, under the supervision of Associate Professor Vasja Rant, PhD, presented an in-depth analysis titled “Comparing Krka’s approach to sustainability with its competitors.”. This project began in the Investments course under the original title, “Stakeholders’ Perspective on Double Materiality Assessment of Krka d.d.” Here, students investigated how Krka’s operations and strategies impact three groups of stakeholders: employees, investors, and users. Later, they continued the project in the International Finance course, expanding their analysis to include an operational and financial comparison and a detailed examination of sustainability practices among nine foreign pharmaceutical companies.

These visits highlight our unwavering commitment to practical learning and industry engagement. We are dedicated to ensuring our students are exceptionally well-prepared for their future careers and equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel.

We would like to thank Krka for their outstanding hospitality and for providing our students with an enriching and inspiring experience!

Photo: archive Krka, d. d., Novo mesto

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