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About Cookies

Devices, used by online users, often store cookies that are used by different web sites to optimize their performance. The new Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1) is implementing changes to how users must be notified and provide consent to the use of cookies. Similarly to most other online sites, Faculty of Economics at Ljubljana University is using cookies* on its web site to ensure that specific services are delivered correctly and to improve the user experience on our web site.

*The term “cookies” is used to denote cookies and other similar technologies, covered by the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications and the Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1).

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data units that are stored on your device by the web sites you visit. Their purpose is to recognize the device you used to access the web site. A cookie usually contains the name of the server it was sent from, expiry date and a randomly generated unique ID.

Cookie expiry date depends on the type of the cookie. “Session” cookies are stored for the duration of a single online session, while “persistent” cookies are stored until they expire or are deleted by the user.

You can set your cookie storage preferences at any time by enabling, limiting or disabling cookie storage through relevant settings in your web browser (you can read more about browser settings in the final section of this document).

Why do web sites use cookies?

Cookies and similar technologies help web site operators to provide more user-friendly online services and ensure improved web site performance.  Mandatory cookies that are required for correct operation of web sites and functionalities enable delivery of user-friendly online services (e.g. user identification, login, etc.) and ensure that your account is protected.

Cookies are used to store information about language selection, the tab you are currently viewing, font size, language, etc. Session cookies are usually deleted immediately after you close your browser.

Cookies for improving web site performance are designed to log browsing history and the interaction with the web site, which enables us to improve the web site design and user experience. Cookies remember your settings and experience to facilitate your browsing and save time when you next visit our web site by displaying personalized content (e.g. chosen language settings). They also help us track user behavior and adjust the content to ensure it is relevant and suited to your needs.

Our web site also includes services by third party providers, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Google Analytics. Plug-ins and third party tools may also contain cookies that provide functionalities and/or help us analyze the frequency of visits to specific web pages and content without identifying individual users. This helps us understand the usage of advertising content, services, products and social networking services.  Managing third party cookies is outside the scope of our responsibility and is governed by third party service terms and conditions. You can review the terms of third party cookies on corresponding web sites.

Cookies used by our web site

The table below details the cookies used by our web site


Cookie name



Faculty of Economics at Ljubljana University ASPSESSIONIDCCASCRRR (domain www.ef.uni-lj.si) User login information (session cookie) 1 year
Faculty of Economics at Ljubljana University cb-enabled
(domain www.ef.uni-lj.si)
Consent for using cookies (session cookie) 1 year
Facebook fbm_ (domain .ef.uni-lj.si) Provides the Facebook Like functionality (Facebook LikeButton) (third party cookie) Until the user logs out from Facebook
Facebook locale Web site statistics (third party cookie) 1 week
Facebook datr, reg_fb_gate, reg_fb_ref, wd, Web site statistics (third party cookie) Until the end of the session
Google NID Web site statistics (third party cookie) 6 months
Google Analytics _utma
(domain .ef.uni-lj.si)
Web site statistics (third party cookie) 2 years
Google Analytics _utmb (domain .ef.uni-lj.si) Web site statistics (third party cookie) 30 minutes
Google Analytics _utmc (domain .ef.uni-lj.si) Web site statistics (third party cookie) Until the browser is closed
Google Analytics _utmz (domain .ef.uni-lj.si) Web site statistics (third party cookie) 6 months
Google Analytics test_cookie (domain .doubleclick.net) Web site statistics (third party cookie) 2 years
Google Analytics _drt_ (domain .doubleclick.net) Web site statistics (third party cookie) 2 years
Youtube VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Web site statistics (third party cookie) 6 months
Youtube YSC, use_hitbox Web site statistics (third party cookie) Until the end of the session

The table detailing the cookies we use will be updated as needed to ensure the data is current. Table was last updated on 14 June 2013.

How to manage cookies on your personal computer?

Our website notifies visitors that we use cookies to improve the web site performance. The user chooses whether to allow cookies or not. Please, take note that while you will still be able to visit our web site after rejecting cookies, certain services and web site functionalities may not perform correctly or the content will not be displayed optimally.

Regardless of your decision, you may change your cookie settings (allow, limit, disable) at any time through relevant web browser settings. In order to use these functionalities, follow the instructions for the web browser you are using:

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