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Keywords: Knowledge hiding, creativity, cultural intelligence, social exchange, cultural diversity Author(s): Sabina Bogilović, PhD, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Administration; Matej Černe, PhD, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics; Miha Škerlavaj, PhD, BI Norwegian Business School & University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics; Journal: European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology Indexing: JCR IF 2015 = […]


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Keywords: symmetric and persymmetric matrices, nilpotent matrices, maximal linear space of matrices, triangularizability Author(s): Damjana Kokol Bukovšek, PhD, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics Matjaž Omladič, PhD, Department of Mathematics, Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics   Journal: Linear Algebra and its Applications Indexing: JCR 64/312   Read the article >>>


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Keywords: Package design, Visual attention, Eye-tracking, Beer category, Package evaluation Author(s): Melika Husić-Mehmedović, PhD, University of Sarajevo, School of Economics and Business, Ismir Omeragić, Marketing Consulting and Research VALICON, Zenel Batagelj, Marketing Consulting and Research VALICON, Tomaž Kolar, PhD, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics Abstract: This paper contributes to the package design research by […]


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Keywords: Climate change, carbon intensity, carbon efficiency, cost drivers, eco-efficiency, sustainability Author(s): Simon Čadež (University of Ljubljana), Chris Guilding (Griffith University) Abstract: Purpose A management accounting perspective that underscores a quest for reducing conventionally appraised costs, negative output costs as well as heightened eco-efficiency, has been used in pursuit of the study’s two main study […]


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Keywords: Customer satisfaction; service quality; airline type; low cost; full service; behavioral intention Author(s): Mateja Kos Koklič, PhD, Univesrity of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics Monika Kukar-Kinney, PhD, University of Richmond, Robins School of Business Mag. Špela Vegelj   Abstract: Using a survey of 382 passengers, this research examines customer satisfaction and its antecedents and consequences […]


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Keywords: Dynamic Factor Models, Cointegration, Structural Analysis, Factor-augmented Error Correction Models, FAVAR Author(s): Anindya Banerjee (University of Birmingham), Massimiliano Marcellino (Bocconi University) Igor Masten (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics) Purpose of this article: The paper develops a new econometric model for structural macroeconomic analysis using large panels of non-stationary data. Target audience: Research community […]


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Keywords: Innovative work behavior, knowledge hiding, mastery climate, job design. Author(s): Matej Černe, PhD, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics; Tomislav Hernaus, PhD, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb; Anders Dysvik, PhD, BI Norwegian Business School; Miha Škerlavaj, PhD, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics and BI Norwegian Business School   Abstract: This […]


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Keywords: fiscal policy, fiscal multiplier, government spending, fiscal stance/behaviour, EU, OECD Author(s): Dr. Jernej Mencinger,  University of Ljubljana Faculty of Administration; Dr. Aleksander Aristovnik, University of LjubljanaFaculty of Administration; Dr. Miroslav Verbič, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics   Abstract: In this article, we take account of an evaluation of the short- and medium-term effects of […]


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Keywords: matrix algebra, field, commuting graph, diameter Author(s): dr. David Dolžan, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, dr. Damjana Kokol Bukovšek, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics, dr. Bojan Kuzma, University of Primorska, FAMNIT   Abstract: For each prime p≥7 we construct two matrices inside M2p(Q), such that their distance in a commuting graph Γ(M2p(Q)) equals six. Journal: Linear […]


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Keywords: Entrepreneurial openness; Personality; Construct development; Cross-cultural research. Author(s): Dr. Alenka Slavec, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics Dr. Mateja Drnovšek, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics Dr. Robert D. Hisrich, Kent State University Purpose of this article: This study introduces entrepreneurial openness as a construct that helps understanding the impact of entrepreneur’s personality on […]


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