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FELU Alumni Club Gathering/Reunion in Arena Stožice


On Thursday October 27th more than 3.000 graduates of the Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana gathered at Arena Stožice in Ljubljana. We are extremely pleased that you responded to the invitation in such a large number. We would like to sincerely thank you for your contribution to this unforgettable evening. Sincere gratitude also goes to all partners and everyone who contributed and made this extraordinary event possible.

The event included a welcome speech by the dean of the FELU prof. dr. Dušan Mramor, concerts by Vlado Kreslin and Siddharta. Moreover the mayor of Ljubljana, who is also the president of the FELU Alumni Club, took the time to great our guests. The hosts and the music kept Alumni members entertained all evening while still giving people time to converse amongst them and reconnect with old classmates. Thanks to the amazing evening at the FELU
Alumni Reunion our Alumni base now encompasses nearly 7.000 active Alumni Club members.

FELU Alumni gathering was organized for the first time in this magnitude and due to the remarkable response from you, our Alumni Club members; we plan to make this an annual activity.

Lately many tools for widening the active base have been established, and as a result the FELU’s Alumni Club has grown for 70 percent since June 2011. Our goal is to reach 10.000 active members by the end of 2012.

Corporate partners are also important partners of FELU’s Alumni Club and so far they have been fairly supportive either financially or through materials/services. In the next five years this relationship is planned to grow by 100 percent.

Take a look at photos from the delightful event below.

We look forward to seeing you at our next bigger event, which is quickly approaching – Alumni Ski Cup.




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