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Raziskovalni center Ekonomske fakultete: “Pitching Research“


Raziskovalni center Ekonomske fakultete je v petek, 5. septembra 2014, organiziral znanstveno – raziskovalni seminar.

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Pitching Research

 avtor: Robert W. Faff, Univerza Queensland, Avstralija


”Have you ever struggled to assess whether a potentially new research project is worth starting? If your answer to this question is “yes!”, then you need to read this paper. Or, if you have ever been daunted by the task of how to skilfully and efficiently guide a research student/early career researcher on how to identify a worthwhile area of research focus, then you need to read this paper. Or, if you are simply looking for a supplementary device to help screen quality PhD applicants, then you need to read this paper. Accordingly, herein I set out a simple and methodical approach to pitching a new empirical research proposal. With a novice researcher in mind (e.g. Honours student, PhD student, early career researcher), a template for the pitch is provided with general advice on how best to apply it. A variety of supplementary material is made available in an online Internet appendix, as follows. To show that the pitch template is readily adaptable to many fields of endeavour, five completed examples are given for: (a) finance; (b) accounting; (c) corporate sustainability; (d) inter-disciplinary; and (e) qualitative topics. A log of the “early adopters” of the pitch template is also provided. Further, I present and discuss a range of feedback received on the earlier versions of this paper. Finally, in the Internet appendix, I also include a section that provides general advice to third-party users of the template – including research methods instructors; postgraduate coordinators and doctoral symposium organisers.”


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