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After six years as Dean, Phd Dušan Mramor will be succeeded by PhD Metka Tekavčič

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On Monday, the 23rd of September 2013, Dean for the last six years, PhD Dušan Mramor, and his team presented the achievements of the outgoing office. The presentation was attended by prominent representatives of the Slovenian economy, Rector of the University of Ljubljana, Mayor of Ljubljana City, employees of the Faculty of Economics and many business partners.

Under the heading “From Local Economics School to International Economics and Business School”, the results of 67 years of work, the development and growth of the Faculty with an emphasis on the achievements of the past six years were shown. The achievements only confirm the effectiveness of the motto “Knowledge for Progress”, which is an established parole of the Faculty. The Faculty of Economics remains in step with time since its creation in 1946. For example, it cooperated with Indiana University already in 1962 and carried out the first program in English for the visiting Indian students in 1989. Internationalization itself has had crucial importance for the present success. PhD Dušan Mramor sees his mandate as the time when all the preceding efforts were put together. During this period, which overlapped with the global crisis, the number of programs in English increased from 3 to 17. The trend of incoming foreign students and on the other hand, domestic outgoing students is in constant increase. There are 24 foreign professors, whom the Faculty has established long-term cooperation with and who come from highly renowned international academic and research communities involved in the study process. The Faculty has created a network of partner universities from around the world, three study programs are carried out abroad.

feluWork process of the Faculty was reorganized during this mandate. The Faculty today has much less resources than comparable global faculties. Therefore, high professionalism and efficiency are crucial.

Globally, the Faculty of Economics scores at the very top. EQUIS accreditation was gained for the first time in 2006, AACSB in 2009. There are only 91 schools in the world that have these two most important quality certificates.

In the last mandate, the number of students decreased by 3,000 for the objective of improving the quality of teaching, while on the other hand, the number of professors increased. The Faculty developed services for the needs of the business market for the purpose of obtaining additional resources. The funds are obtained from business education, researches and consultancy services.

The link between academic knowledge and experiences from the business world is enabled for students through the membership in the Alumni Club. After years of Zoran Janković’s presidency, the chair of the Alumni Club was taken over by Janez Škrabec, director of the highly successful group Riko.

The presentation was concluded with a brief overview of the progress concerning the Faculty’s infrastructure. The most prominent is certainly the renovation of the Central Economics Library. There was a solar power plant built on the roof of the building. The focus on sustainable development is incorporated also in curriculum. There is a group of students involved in so called EKOteam, which cultivates the idea of sustainability and taking care of ecological aspects among the Faculty residents.

deanWith the 1st of October, the headship of the Faculty of Economics will be taken over by the newly elected Dean, PhD Metka Tekavčič. We wish her and her team many successes, and good co-operation with the University of Ljubljana, Slovenian and foreign institutions and economies. We believe that the reputation of the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana will enhance with the new team even further. And we look forward to share and report new successes and achievements of our Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana.

Phd Dušan Mramor shared with the EFnews team the following: “The collaboration with the students in the last six years was remarkable. Students were the ones who also claimed ambition of the Faculty, growth in the top global rankings and obtaining accreditations as a reflection of quality. This is quite logical, since students are the ones getting the most of it. Those who graduate from an University program are always asked for where they graduated from and if a certain institution is internationally recognized. The more prominent the institution is, the more student’s diploma is worth. Employment opportunities and career development for the students are better. I used to have even more support form the students than from some of my colleagues. “

sprejem1Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, PhD Andreja Cirman: “For six years I have been a part of the Faculty’s management team. I have to say that I first took office out of curiosity because I was interested in what it means to look at the school from the other side. Two years is a short term and all ideas cannot be fulfilled. Therefore, I stayed for the second mandate out of perseverance and I can sincerely confess I have taken the third mandate out of loyalty. Since working with such a good supervisor as PhD Dušan Mramor is a challenge and progress, which includes self-development. I am pleased and privileged to have been working with PhD Mramor for six years. “

Vice Dean for Development PhD Maja Makovec Brenčič: “I think that the main accomplishment of the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana is its globalism. From the perspective of students and staff, development programs, us professors who teach here, and of course, from the perspective of the placement on the world map of similar schools. Of course, we attempt to be among the best schools in our field. However, we need to create new characteristic features which will make us distinctive from these same schools. There is always a competitive battle in this field; what to offer to students, how to empower them to be able to actually create the future. This is the key challenge for all of us and actually we are the ones who have to co-create responsibly together with students. This is an everyday challenge for all of us at the Faculty. “

Lana Grunčić Krajnc, EFnews

Proofread by: Živa Furlan, EFnews


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