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Join SEB LU Ecoreading club

01.03.2021Comments are closed.,

Dear students,

We invite all passionate readers of interesting books to join Ecoreading club.

5 students who will submit their creative reflection of the read book to info@ekosola.si till 30. 4. 2021 will be published on E-tutor and rewarded with urban honey from the SEB UL bees.


We especially invite you to read:

Ulibarri, N., Cravens, A. E., Svetina Nabergoj, A., Kernbach, S., & Royalty, A. (2019). Creativity in Research. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Book Creativity in research provides through design thinking process recommendations for designing research, study and/or life. As a developmental exercise do a reflection “Hero of my study journey” (Ulibarri et al., 2019, p. 140):

  • Write or sketch your study story, with you as a main character. What are your characteristics?
  • What are your super powers as a student?
  • What are your blind spots?
  • How do you overcome adversity?
  • Who are your allies?
  • Who are your foes?

If you like you can draw a movie poster for this story and decide which actor you would like to cast.

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