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Visit to JP Energetika within Javni holding Ljubljana

09.04.2018Comments are closed.

On Tuesday 20 March 2018, students of the Public Sector Accounting course and the course leader Prof. Dr. Metka Tekavčič visited the JP Energetika company, a member of Javni holding Ljubljana.

The students were warmly welcomed by Mira Filipič, Head of Finance and Accounting. The hosts Mira Filipič and her colleagues Brigita Ermenc, Head of Accounting, Katarina Tomažin, Advisor, and independent expert associates Tine Kogovšek, MSc, and Vida Demšar Zakrajšek first described Javni holding Ljubljana and its related companies for the students. After a brief presentation of the regulations governing the operations of JP Energetika and accounting, they talked about the overall account structure and the actual accounting which are supported by the SAP information system. The complexity of the information system was explained using examples of pricing that is either completely dictated by the market or regulated by the regulations and decisions of different government bodies.

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