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The FELU Research Day

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The FELU Research Day that was held on Monday, 17 December 2018, was an opportunity to reflect on 2018 research successes as well as present the planned activities and goals for the forthcoming year. Those present were welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Prof. Dr Metka Tekavčič, and the Rector of the University of Ljubljana, Prof. Dr Igor Papič, who gave their introductory speeches. The keynote lecture, entitled “The Relevance and Dissemination of Research Work”, was delivered by Vivienne Parry. After her lecture, the main guest was engaged in a discussion hosted by Maja Ratej, daily editor and journalist at Val 202.

The Dean Prof. Dr Metka Tekavčič and the Vice-Dean for Research and Doctoral Studies, Assoc. Prof. Dr Aleš Popovič, conferred to researchers the awards and prizes for the best published articles in 2017.

The FELU awards for the best scientific articles published in 2017 were conferred to the following authors:

 Assist. Prof. Dr Barbara Culiberg and Assoc. Prof. Dr Katja Katarina Mihelič for the article:

CULIBERG, Barbara, MIHELIČ, Katarina Katja (2017). The evolution of whistleblowing studies: a critical review and research agenda. Journal of business ethics, 143(4), 787–803.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Matej Černe for the article:

BATISTIČ, Saša, ČERNE, Matej, VOGEL, Bernd (2017). Just how multi-level is leadership research?: a document co-citation analysis 1980–2013 on leadership constructs and outcomes. The Leadership quarterly: an international journal of political, social and behavioral science, 28(1), 86–103.

Assist. Prof. Dr Patricia Kotnik for the article:

HAGSTEN, Eva, KOTNIK, Patricia (2017). ICT as facilitator of internationalisation in small- and medium-sized firms. Small business economics, 48(2), 431–446.

The FELU prizes for the best scientific articles published in 2017 were conferred to the following authors:

Assoc. Prof. Dr Ljubica Knežević Cvelbar for the article:

DOLNICAR, Sara, KNEŽEVIĆ CVELBAR, Ljubica, GRÜN, Bettina (2017) Do pro-environmental appeals trigger pro-environmental behavior in hotel guests? Journal of travel research, 56(8), 988–997.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Jože Sambt for the article:

LEE, Ronald, MCCARTHY, David, SEFTON, James, SAMBT, Jože (2017). Full generational accounts: what do we give to the next generation? Population and development review, 43(4), 695–720.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Aleš Popovič for the article:

CASTELLI, Mauro, MANZONI, Luca, SILVA, Sara, VANNESCHI, Leonardo, POPOVIČ, Aleš (2017). The influence of population size in geometric semantic GP. Swarm and evolutionary computation. 32, 110–120.

Prof. Dr Simon Čadež for the article:

ČADEŽ, Simon, GUILDING, Chris (2017). Examining distinct carbon cost structures and climate change abatement strategies in CO2 polluting firms. Accounting auditing & accountability journal, 30(5), 1041–1064.

Congratulations to the winners!

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