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“Cutting through” David Holzinger

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On Tuesday, 8 January 2019 David Holzinger cut through the gallery of the Faculty of Economics. The artist lived for a while in Vienna before figuring out that he prefers a stress-free and more relaxed environment, so he returned to Klagenfurt where he works and exhibits most of his work. He also exhibits in Graz, Vienna, Ljubljana, etc.

Four years ago, the young artist decided he to pursue a career in art and it seems like he has already made it. Besides painting and making art, he also teaches art in workshops—he studied to become a teacher and does hand-painted graphic design for companies. Of course, this didn’t “just happen”. He took his art career very seriously. Like any other job. He works a lot, some days even more hours than the “usual 8-hour workday”.

Holzinger indicates that it is important to network properly and states: “You can’t just go to the gallerist and show photos of the painting on your phone. Just as one wouldn’t go to the bank and ask for a loan showing some photos on their phone.” It is just like any other profession, so he calls the gallery in a professional manner, makes an appointment and then presents his artwork.

This is how Holzinger has somehow cut through the romantic idea of an artist who just happily paints in a studio once in a while and suddenly becomes famous after ten years. It doesn’t work this way. To be honest and realistic, he can admit that even art is a business.

Let me get back to the exhibition. The artworks are made out of old paintings; from remnants of them to be precise. He layers them to create monochromes with clear and clean composition. It is as if he has given new life to his old paintings by using parts of them. Like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, his paintings rise again. While observing the exhibition, one can’t help but notice a gap he made in his latest creations. It could represent the gap between the landscape and sociality or between the rich and poor, maybe even between life and death.

I suggest you go see it yourself and decide what it represents to you.

Danica Tajčman, EFnews


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