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Above the glass ceiling” together with DŠPV members

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Every year on 8 March we celebrate International Women’s Day in honour of all women’s achievements, in the areas of economic, social and political equality among others. To specially commemorate this day the members of the Society of Female Students of Business Sciences (DŠPV) organised a roundtable on the eve of the internationally observed event, 7 March, at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, which was entitled “Above the glass ceiling”. The excellently chosen guests, Vlasta Nussdorfer, Karmen Dietner, Uršula Cetinski and Nataša Briški, talked about how the role of women has changed considerably throughout history and how women have since long ago been placed in an inferior position. In her welcome speech the Dean Prof. Dr Metka Tekavčič congratulated all DŠPV members on the organisation of the roundtable, the topic of which she was also strongly supportive. She said: “Tomorrow, our Faculty will also celebrate its birthday, so I think it is right to also pay a special tribute to two distinguished ladies, the Faculty of Economics and its mother, the University of Ljubljana.”

The members of the society recognised all four speakers as women who have broken through the so-called glass ceiling in their professional areas, namely that invisible barrier, built up from prejudices and stereotypes, that prevents women from being promoted to higher positions. The first speaker was Uršula Cetinski, Director General of the Cankarjev dom Public Institution. “The more experience you gain, the more you come to realise that your word is actually worth less just because you are a woman,” she said and gave the advice that we should never forget about respect in our lives, because this is of key importance for our self-confidence and inner dignity. Karmen Dietner, President of the Management Board of Pokojninska družba A and Member of the Supervisory Board of Slovenian Sovereign Holding, highlighted among others the problem of poverty among elderly women in Slovenia, rounding off her speech with the thought: “In my opinion, education is the basis for progress, but in the recent period interpersonal relations and integrity have become very important in the workplace.”

“My advice is hidden in the saying ‘the path is the goal’. If you always strive to achieve a goal, you will be unhappy. But if you enjoy the journey, you will come to know tiny moments of happiness,” said Vlasta Nussdorfer, lawyer and former Slovenian human rights ombudswoman, who has dealt with the inequality issue many times in her life. For this reason she advised all present members of the fairer sex to be courageous and that the time has finally come for diligent and ambitious people who are paving their own way to success. Nataša Briški, journalist and Metina lista’s co-founder and editor, shared this piece of advice as the last speaker of the four: “Always strive to be the best in what you do. Don’t listen other people but courageously step out of your comfort zone as many times as you can.” She ended with the message that we should never let fear stop us, as we will learn the most in life from those lessons where we are the ones making the mistakes.

Anja Puc, EFnews

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