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Presentation of the book “UVOD V POLITIČNO EKONOMIJO DRUŽBENO ODGOVORNE DRUŽBE”: The creation of a new paradigm of economic development

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On Friday, 19 April 2019, the presentation of the book “Uvod v politično ekonomijo družbeno odgovorne družbe” by editors and authors Matjaž Mulej, Vilijem Merhar, Viktor Žakelj and others took place at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business (SEB LU). As a moderator of the event, Dr Bogomir Kovač emphasised the importance of this book, since it addresses one of the extremely serious issues of social responsibility, which is present today in practically all areas of our lives.

The political economy includes a large array of sciences, and an overview of its history shows that there has been an abandonment and loss of classical political economic theory, which today could be a good basis for the creation of a new theory. The division of income as part of it can work counter-productively, as a more complete competitive market is transforming itself into a less competitive monopoly market, and the deformation of the division becomes so high that it can hinder development. According to the authors, the simple way to eliminate the latter challenge lies in the redistribution of income and the assets of financial hierarchies.

Prof. Dr Matjaž Mulej, the conceptual father of this project and the wide backdrop of projects that support the concept of social responsibility, both in Slovenian society and in the wider international environment, said that “corporate social responsibility it is not enough today, even though they are the most influential organisations and it is not enough that we have economics without a political economy. It was from this that the initiative for this book derived.” Among other things, he opened up the question of the existence of the market and the associated monopolies, which hold a huge percentage of the economy.

The book thus offers readers an extremely wide systemic approach. It tries to give them a holistic answer and at the same time guidance to opening up changes in the area of corporate social responsibility. As noted by Dr Kovač, it is not just about opening the theoretical point of view, but actually it is the opening of the new paradigm, the political and economic thinking of society, by authors who have a lot of experience and knowledge in this field.

We wish you pleasant reading.

Anja Puc, EFnews


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