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Alumni event: With neuromarketing to competitive edge

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On Thursday, 23 May 2019, neuronal connections were activated in the Blue Hall of the School of Economics and Business. The SEB LU Alumni organised an event for all marketing enthusiasts, where a lecture was delivered by the extraordinary Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis (MBA, PhD), internationally renowned expert on neuromarketing, CEO of TrizmaNeuro, author of books, TEDx lecturer and much more.

In line with the event title ‘With Neuromarketing to Competitive Edge’, Dr Dimitriadis humorously and wittily talked about marketing, progress and innovative research in the field of neuromarketing which, in his opinion, will soon turn the work of marketing agencies upside down. During his lecture he touched upon the issues of measuring performance of marketing managers, people’s emotional and rational buying habits, advertising effectiveness and research on the effect of psychological violence on a person. Of course, he underpinned the presented research results with measurements. After all, we are living in a time of development of technology that can actually measure what happens in the human brain and Dr Dimitriadis’s company does precisely this. He concluded his lecture with the claim that the global battle of exploring the ‘sky’ has turned towards exploring the human brain.

Among the event participants who filled the entire hall were some well-known faces and so we asked 3 women who have undoubtedly made an impact on the Slovenian business sphere for their opinion. The Slovenian NLP (neurolinguistic programming) coach Helena Zajc, an expert in her field, was asked what it was that she remembered most from the lecture. She replied that the lecture reminded her “what a pity it is that others don’t know this anymore and how beautiful the world would be if leaders understood neuroscience better. If they stopped focusing on numbers and started focusing more on people.”

Of course, our attention was caught by Manca Korelc, Master in Marketing and an expert in social media, as well as Urša Žorž, event and training organiser as well as SEB LU Alumni member. In a discussion after the lecture we all agreed that Slovenians are still (more) focused on emotional buying and that inter-personal contacts have become increasingly important. Manca Korelc was somewhat shocked at the fact that as much as 99.4% of human behaviour is subconscious, but this reminded her how important it is to constantly maintain a presence in the media.

The SEB LU Alumni have once again prepared an event where not only neuronal but also social connections were activated.

Danica Tajčman, EFnews

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