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Boundaries exceeded again at Innovative All-Nighter 2019

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This May the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana turned again for one night into a space for creating new ideas, thus enabling the students to exceed once more the set boundaries with their creativity. The Innovative All-Nighter was organised for the third consecutive time between 17 and 18 May, attracting as many as 250 students. These competed in 65 groups whose task was to find solutions for 7 selected companies that rank among the best employers in Slovenia, namely BTC, Gorenje, Pivovarna Laško Union, Medex, Mercator, Telemach and Petrol. The event, organised by Top EF and led by Maša Medon and Aina Reljič, confirmed once again that with their vision these students change and contribute to not only the development of Slovenian companies but also the competencies of the SEB LU students.

The participants had 24 hours within which to resolve a challenge for a selected company and then present to that company an innovative, creative and financially feasible idea that could be implemented by the company in the future. The students thus created and searched for solutions and, after a sleepless night, presented to company representatives their vision of the problem solution which they attempted to perfect in the greatest detail. All of them shared the opinion that the event was an unforgettable experience and at the same time an extraordinary career opportunity. “By winning this event, we, as a team and also as individuals, have shown that we are innovative, brimming with new ideas, capable and team oriented. Last but not least, we have shown that we are not afraid of the challenges brought about by the business world and we are prepared to aim high in the future”, one of the participants commented on the event.

Prof. Dr Metka Tekavčič, the Dean of the SEB LU, shared the participants’ enthusiasm about the successful implementation of the event. “In front of me is a group of people who have shown today that they have the knowledge and competencies as well as that a bright future lies ahead of them. I am very pleased and proud to see you come in such big numbers, and I would also like to thank the representatives of all 7 companies for having prepared the challenges for our students. Cooperation with companies is of the utmost importance for all of us at the School of Economics and Business. Cooperation with the key companies in our living environment is even more important”, she said and concluded by saying that this was a sign that the companies consider the SEB LU to be a responsible and reliable partner, and students – the bearers of future development in our society – as those with knowledge and capability.

The commendation and compliments go to Top EF who flawlessly organised a top event, and also all participants for showing by their attendance that they are not afraid of the challenges of the business world and that they are embracing them with open arms. Congratulations!

Anja Puc, EFnews



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