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IMB – Information Day

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On Thursday, 16 May 2019, the School of Economics and Business organised an Information Day for the graduate study programme International Master in Business and Organisation (IMB). The IMB programme features in the Financial Times ranking of the world’s best business schools – “Masters in Management 2018”. The Information Day was led by Prof. Dr Polona Domadenik who is also the programme leader. About 30 participants gathered and it quickly became clear that not just anybody can enrol in this programme. Prof. Dr Domadenik explained that they were looking for highly motivated candidates, willing to work hard and at the same time smart. There is practically no free time in the IMB programme, as lectures that would otherwise last for two years are condensed into only one year. A very committed student can successfully complete the programme in less than a year and a half. In her answers to the questions posed by interested students she also stressed that the IMB programme cannot be studied part-time or alongside any other serious activity. Žiga Matjašec and Guillaume Cavallari, both IMB students, agreed with this.

The programme is quite different from classic study. There are few students and they all cooperate with each other, which in practice means that every student can create 35 relationships that can last for a lifetime. The courses are successive and lectures are immediately followed by exams. The study is characterised by many discussions, case studies and solving of companies’ actual problems. In this way, after completing the study programme students are much better prepared to enter the labour market than those completing the classic study programme. This is also confirmed by the data that as many as 90% of students who complete successfully the IMB programme find employment within 3 months.

Many questions posed by the students in attendance concerned the tuition fee, as even full-time study in the IMB programme is not free. Part of the tuition fee is financed by the state and part by the student. However, this amount should be looked at from the perspective that a student, if they commit to studying, can find employment sooner than they would otherwise, they can establish more than 30 relationships with fellow students and have excellent chances for good employment. Namely, Prof. Dr Domadenik explained that the demand for IMB graduates is always higher than the supply.

More information about the programme and enrolment is available on the website: https://imb-programme.com/

Uroš Konda, EFnews

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