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What can we learn from Marvel about continuous innovation?

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What can we learn from Marvel about continuous innovation?

How did you like Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel? How about Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers? Over the last decade, Marvel Cinematic Universe has been on a winning streak creating a franchise with 22 movies, over 17 billion dollars box office takings and a critic approval rate of a staggering average 83%. Operating in the highly competitive landscape of movie franchises disrupted by streaming business models, they were able to create an incredibly successful organisation. One that consistently delivered blockbusters pleasing audiences and critics alike.

Miha Škerlavaj (SEB UL and BI Norwegian Business School), Spencer H. Harrison (INSEAD) and Arne Carlsen (BI Norwegian Business School) delved into research trying to understand inputs, process and output creating innovation at Marvel. In the article published in the Harvard Business Review the authors argue that organisations that would like to create innovation universes, portfolios of creative products linked to and sufficiently distinct from each other, need to find imaginative ways of balancing continuity and renewal. In other words, for innovation we need both change and stability! A finding that extends well beyond the movie industry into many modern organisations.
Enjoy the read! https://hbr.org/2019/07/marvels-blockbuster-machine

Photo: Harvard business school publishing

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