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The School of Economics and Business is organising the first EIT Digital Summer School entitled “Digital Transformation for Resilient Cities”

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Ljubljana, 11 July 2019; For the first time this year, the School of Economics and Business is organising a new summer school in the area of digital technologies in cooperation with the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), an independent EU body. “Digital Transformation for Resilient Cities” has brought together 33 graduate students from more than 15 countries at the School of Economics and Business to learn about the combination of technological and technical know-how and apply their knowledge to resolve specific challenges provided by seven organisations from Ljubljana, Kranj and Venice.

How do modern technologies affect information, transport and security services in modern cities? One key factor in city security is resilience, which includes resilience to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, fires or terrorist attacks. The inclusion of modern digital technological solutions in existing management approaches will enable new forms of coordinated and decentralised communication for all those affected by natural disasters. The organisation of such support IT structures is a typical example of a ‘digital transformation’ whereby existing organisations (companies, cities and municipalities, civil protection, firefighters, police, hospitals and inhabitants) can develop new ways for cooperating in the change introduction process. And while the usual business processes can lead to improved efficiency in companies, such processes can save lives in natural disasters!

In this summer school, students will learn how to analyse work processes and organisations and try to recognise opportunities for introducing new work methods, new organisational solutions and new technological solutions into the existing organisations that play a role during natural disasters. Students will solve specific cases of the organisations in Ljubljana and Kranj in the scenario of a catastrophic earthquake that has hypothetically struck Ljubljana. How can new digital technologies, via the digital transformation of the key organisations, help reduce the damage in such a case? In addition, some students will try to resolve the same challenge for the case of Venice, a city facing other natural disasters and a significant rise in stress due to the unbridled growth of tourism. To this end, all students took a three-day trip to Venice to work with local organisations and stakeholders, applying the new methods to develop possible solutions also for them.

By organising this summer school, the School of Economics and Business joined 11 other European universities that have been arranging summer schools in cooperation with EIT Digital, covering different areas of technology and entrepreneurship. All 12 partner universities are included among the leading European institutions that provide education in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship. Summer schools often also provide a 2-year post-graduate programme in this area, which is a future goal of the University of Ljubljana as well.

Fully financed by EIT Digital, the summer school will come to an end on Friday, 12 July 2019 with a presentation of the solutions proposed for the challenges to the organisations themselves and other interested stakeholders.

More information about EIT Digital summer schools is available at https://summerschool.eitdigital.eu/.

Video of the EIT Digital Summer school 2019


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