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Digital conference: “It is time to market”

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Slovenian Dutch Business Association, SDBP, wants to present a Dutch approach to innovation that comes from real market opportunities, addressing key business challenges prior to defining the final technical solution together with our Dutch partners, Growfield and Nyenrode University.

The conference marks the beginning of a permanent platform between the two countries, giving Slovenian inventors and innovative companies access to Dutch companies seeking solutions, and vice versa. It will also expand to other countries in the near future.

Several good practices will be presented during the conference, on Monday, 21st of October 2019, starting at 9 am at the School of Economics and Business. In addition to speeches from advanced entrepreneurs and other prominent speakers, the conference is based on three large panels and a closing round table:

1. Commercialization of innovation

This topic explains the principles of commercializing innovation with startups and small businesses, as well as innovating with larger corporations. The focal point is addressing the problems and solutions in the Slovenian environment for entrepreneurship and innovation. Speakers will share their thoughts on how to start meaningful entrepreneurship with us.

Research question: What is the crux to valuable innovation practice?

2. The future of the living environment

This topic focuses on demonstrating the potential of our future homes and jobs and how environmental footprint is an essential part of this future. Further development of the circular economy requires us to use our natural resources efficiently and to advance our holistic thinking about the life cycle of our resources. In the end, this affects our vitality: the health and well-being of the next generations is determined by the harmony between people’s work and living environments.

This debate addresses the research question: “What are the new parameters of our vitality?

3. The future of smart connections

This topic addresses the way society is connected, with the goal of enhancing the well- being of our cities, citizens and nature. As travel is becoming cheaper and capital tourism is growing rapidly, the question of how countries organize and manage connections is becoming increasingly important. We need a vision about how to use community data in a meaningful way, how to transport it effectively, and how IoT, (the Internet of Things), can play a role in communication and business.

The research question is therefore: “What are the design principles of smart connections?”

It is designed as a truly hybrid event that effectively bridges distances and time. It involves and connects local and remote speakers, as well as local and remote audiences, and we are all invited to collaborate online with questions and opinions.

With the introduction of the Digital Business Collaboration Environment powered by MiTeam DXP, the event also marks the beginning of an innovative collaborative community and networking of companies and other stakeholders to share knowledge, information and ideas from all corners of the product, service and market development with emphasis on commercialization of innovation.

We are really looking forward to your attendance at these extraordinary conferences physically at the event location or “online” remotely! Please choose which way you want to be with us, when you register.

Hurry up with registering for physical participation as there are few remaining spots!


We look forward to your participation.

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