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Message from the Dean, 17 March 2020

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Dear students and all who follow the work of the School of Economics and Business,

The last few days have been some of the most challenging our school has ever faced. From cancelling all events one day to moving the entire teaching process online, before finally having to close our lecture rooms to all the students…. While the SEB LU campus is closed today, our academic life remains lively and productive.

The last week was a challenge for us all, not only in the school/university environment, but everywhere we usually meet and work. In these demanding circumstances, we have again shown that the SEB LU staff is a strong and connected community that is responsibly searching for solutions, broadening horizons and creating new fields of activity. We have displayed great team spirit and interaction in our combined efforts to find solutions that enable our students to complete the semester. Lectures and other types of organised teaching processes are being successfully implemented via digital platforms and we are currently aligning certain solutions to make different examination forms possible. Our academic and administrative staff have been remarkably dedicated and have worked intensely to allow us to make this transition so swiftly and effectively.

My special thanks go to all the students – both Slovenian and international – who have helped us establish normal study conditions in these new circumstances. As Dean, I thank each and every one of you. We have good reason to be proud of the SEB LU and our academic community.

It is important we have demonstrated that no one is alone at this time. We are connecting with each other virtually through different groups and our communication is often so intense that our zeal and energy, if we were all in the same physical space, would have seen us being drowned in a sea of voices. Our current work is thus a milestone in the SEB LU’s operations.

The SEB LU staff is currently preparing a series of contents to be made available to all interested in the subjects covered by our research and work. On behalf of the SEB LU’s management, I invite you to follow our website and social media to ensure you are promptly informed about all of our activities. Feel free to join us.

We should not forget that it is now necessary for every individual to be isolated. All we can do right now to help create a manageable situation is to remain physically isolated. But this does not mean disconnected. These events are bringing us closer together and call for rigorous engagement. We are all part of a strong school network of colleagues, fellow workers, acquaintances and friends both in Slovenia and abroad.

We should be guided by the knowledge that these days we can best participate by keeping ourselves isolated. Let’s take care of our own safety and that of our dearest, and stay healthy.

All the best,

Metka Tekavčič, Dean

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