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Swim on the waves of motivation and positive thoughts with Olympic silver medallist Sara Isaković

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Dear students,

At the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana (SEB LU), we would like you to stay healthy, optimistic and full of good thoughts and therefore strong during these weeks to help you continue your studies.

That is why we have prepared something wonderful for you – a lecture by Sara Isaković, an outstanding person, TEDx speaker, winner of a silver medal in swimming at Olympic Games 2008, who with her rich experience in sports and studies and research in psychology and neurology knows how to attract the maximum potential out of ourselves.

Only you, our students, will have the honour of listening to Sara’s wonderful lecture on How to use positive thoughts to motivate yourself and be more confident? Her exclusive lecture will be held online on Monday, 16 November 2020 from 8.30 to 10 a.m., via Zoom (you’ll receive the link on the day of the event). Registrations are mandatory, please register here: http://raziskave.ef.uni-lj.si/a/986?language=2. The number of seats is limited so hurry up with your registration. We are aware that students have different schedules, so sign up for a lecture if your study obligations allow it.

Sara will focus her talk on the following topics:

  • How does our mind behave in unfamiliar, uncomfortable situations? Why does self-sabotage happen so quickly?
  • How can we become more aware of our thoughts and become less involved in them?
  • How can we activate motivation (every day and long-term) with more productive thoughts / words?
  • How do we strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem through friendly self-talks? How can we think about challenges, face them and keep our self-confidence?

We believe that your meeting with Sara will be very inspiring and that it will be an experience you will not easily forget. Sara will also be happy to answer your questions. The presentation will be held in English.

How did we get the idea for this meeting?

In October we started the new academic year at SEB LU full of optimism. We wanted the students to get to know each other, as was previously possible, to enter into a thousand and one live chat sessions and in this way to get to know the professors who will be accompanying you on your study trip for the next years. Our freshmen started with part of the study process live in lecture rooms, some master’s programme groups still managed to meet in the atrium of the School, but then in the middle of last month we had to move the study obligations for all students online, as the epidemiological situation unfortunately did not allow us to act differently.

We would like to continue taking care of you and we want you to feel good when you are connected with your classmates, professors and the School. Sara’s lecture will awaken in you a reflection on your well-being, your many abilities and will give you the opportunity to get the best out of yourself.

Who is Sara Isaković?

Sara Isaković is the most successful Slovenian swimmer who won the silver Olympic medal at Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, which was the highlight of her sports career. Apart from sports, today, six years after the end of her career, she has found her mission in the research of brain function (which she is researching in the US Marines and Olympic athletes), and she also works in the field of performance psychology (psychology of optimal performance). After graduating from Berkeley University and a master’s degree from San Diego, Sara began working with athletes, pilots, musicians and business people to help them perform at their best in stressful situations. Sara is committed to a healthy lifestyle and promotes mental and physical fitness for well-being and resilience in today’s fast-paced and stressful lifestyle. She has recently become a certified hypnosis practitioner with Dr. Šinigoj and Prof. Dr. Pajntar of the Society for Medical Hypnosis Slovenia.


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