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Olympic Power at SEB

18.11.2020Comments are closed.

The University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business (SEB) invited an interesting guest to discuss the topic “How to use positive thoughts to motivate yourself and be more confident?”. On Monday, 16 November, Olympic silver medalist Sara Isaković, Masters in Performance Psychology, led a lecture during which she not only talked about a resilient mindset but also gave some important insights on how to master it.

She started the topic of confidence and motivation with a powerful question: “My mind. Is it supporting or sabotaging me?” At first, Isaković pointed out the natural human drive to learn, to move, and to develop, the abilities we can all see in young children when they start to walk. However, during the process of domestication, a human mind adopts (self-sabotaging) thoughts, (limiting) beliefs, (unwanted) mind moves, etc.

She presented an effective approach toward any unsupportive thought one might have. She suggests welcoming such thoughts instead of rejecting them and then express doubt about them, ask if they are true and inspect if they are helpful.

In the process of becoming resilient, Isaković also emphasizes mindfulness and meditation, which help us distinguish between the mind, the emotions, the body, and the self. While she trained her body to the extent of being one of the best in the world, she also had to learn how to work with her mind. It is almost obvious you cannot train the body without training the mind as well. Moreover, the emotional stability also cannot be ignored, she indicates later on.

An engaging lecture during which the attendees briefly learned about the mind, emotions, and habits. Isaković playfully yet professionally explained how it all works together and how to make the best of it. In her opinion, besides meditation and visualization, one of the most powerful tools is to intentionally practice gratitude.

If you want to exceed in your life, want to become resilient, mindful, or adopt a powerful mindset, Sara Isaković is the one to look up to or ask for help. On her website, you can find many free meditations that will help you reset your mind.

Danica Tajčman, Efnews


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