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Prof. Dr. Miha Škerlavaj Was Awarded the Zois Distinction

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Ljubljana, 1 December 2020

In the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were no traditional award ceremonies for the Zois Awards and Distinctions, Puh Awards and Distinctions, or the Ambassador of Science Award. Instead of a gala event, the winners were presented in the documentary film The Highlights of Slovenian Science in the Light of the Award Winners for Outstanding Achievements in 2020, which was broadcast on national television.

In the documentary, the winners were also addressed by the President of the Republic Borut Pahor. According to him, these awards are the most important recognitions that the Republic of Slovenia grants to its scientists. “All or almost all Slovenian scientists who have left a mark in their respective fields belong to this elite group, which you, today’s award and distinction winners, are now entering. This is how the Republic of Slovenia would like to thank you for your dedicated and successful work.”

The Zois Award and the Zois Distinction represent the highest state award and distinction for achievements in the field of scientific research and development, awarded annually since 1998, on the anniversary of the birth of entrepreneur, philanthropist, and researcher Žiga Zois.

The Zois Award is given to researchers who can look back on a lifetime of highly successful work within the field of scientific research and development or for their top achievements in this field. The Zois Distinction is awarded for important accomplishments.

Awards and distinctions are conferred by the committee for awards and distinctions for outstanding achievements in scientific research and development, which is appointed by the government from a pool of established researchers. Candidates for committee members are nominated by the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA), universities and higher education institutions, research institutes, economic organisations, and individual researchers.

Prof. Dr. Miha Škerlavaj received the Zois distinction for his contribution to world science in the field of understanding knowledge and innovation management

Professor Miha Škerlavaj is a full professor at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, who was also a lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo from 2013 to 2018. In the field of knowledge management, he and his colleagues helped to establish a new research area of knowledge hiding. His findings in the field of studying innovation processes are also important, as he researched the practices of the Marvel media corporation. Its films have been highly successful as they managed to create a balance between new approaches and sufficient retention of continuity with previous ones. He showed that the right balance between stability and change is needed for continuous and successful innovation, which is also important for understanding the processes of continuous innovation in other areas.

Upon this recognition, Prof. Dr. Miha Škerlavaj said: “I am honoured and grateful. I see this Zois Distinction as a nod of recognition to the achievements of several generations of researchers in the field of organisational behaviour, whose work has paved the way for me. I also and above all express my deep respect to all my co-authors and look forward to new adventures. Research is a team sport and the match is never over. To a good start and many more victories together!”

Source: RTVSLO

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