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The importance of making connections

28.12.2020Comments are closed.

Andrej P Škraba, Head of Marketing in NiceHash

As a SEB LU recent alumni, you set up the webpage Astra.si with educational videos about mathematics. Recently, you have been working as the Head of Marketing in NiceHash, which is a crypto-mining marketplace. Did you imagine your career path in this way after you graduated? What inspires you in your professional life?

To be honest, I didn’t know what to do after my graduation. I knew I had a great affinity for e-learning, and I wanted to create educational content on my own. Astra.si was born and students all over the country started using it. Although I have never really succeeded in creating a business around this project, I have gained enormous social capital. This project has opened a lot of doors for me, and this is the reason I have never created my own CV. I think your CV today is everything you do, not just your education and working experience. It is your way of contributing to society, your every social media post, your every interaction, and every relationship you have. Our lives today are documented like never before and our digital footprint is more important than ever. While at SEB, I have studied entrepreneurship, but I have built my career in marketing. Since I was a geek and technology enthusiast, I ended working in the high-tech environment where I have merged my passion for business with my passion for technology. Currently, I’m working in the digital-ledger technology industry which started forming during my study years at the SEB LU.

What is your advice for young graduates who are seeking their own opportunities/career path?   

My advice for young graduates is very simple. Make connections. Meet everyone in your class, meet everyone at your school, meet everyone who is ambitious and everyone who inspires you. It has never been easier to connect with someone. The majority of the people are one click away. When you really think about it, it is all about people. A company is nothing more than a bunch of people who are working to deliver a product or a service for some other people. There are no markets without people. Work on your communication skills, go to events, and never be afraid to introduce yourself. You will get hired by people and you will hire other people. You will sell products to people and you will buy from other people. Remember, where there are people, there are opportunities.

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