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Essential tips to rock your LinkedIn profile

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On 7 October 2021, the Alumni SEB organised an online workshop »Rock your LinkedIn profile«, led by Mitja Korelc, Senior Account Director, Enterprise CEE and Adriatics at LinkedIn. More than 80 attendees were soaking in every word the LinkedIn specialist Korelc, who currently lives and works in Ireland, had to offer.

At first, he covered some demographic data regarding Slovenia in comparison to Europe. About a half of the active working population in Slovenia has a LinkedIn profile, eight thousand Slovenian companies are present, and 22 thousand skills are listed.

It is intriguing that in Slovenia, more than 90 per cent of companies and users use LinkedIn in the English language. To ensure a match of a person seeking employment and a new employer, it is advised to use the English language on the profile. Needless to say, the content should be well-written and grammaticaly correct.

Many essential tips for job seekers were presented, such as having a profile photo and choosing an industry of work. A carefully written summary should be an extended elevator pitch with hobbies or passions listed as well, for which using keywords is a must. The list of work experience should be supported with volunteer work, etc.

There are two relatively new features LinkedIn has to offer—the “Open to work” badge and skills path. The LinkedIn specialist Korelc suggested not only to use them both but also pointed to the crucial attribute—proactiveness. He encouraged participants to contact the HR managers directly and make a connection with the targeted company in advance.

There was a short debate after this interesting lecture, during which many questions were answered, for example how to address maternity leave or multi-industry job hunting and also when to use LinkedIn Premium.

To sum up, in addition to January, October is the most popular time when companies look for new employees as the interest is even two times higher than during the rest of the year, according to the LinkedIn specialist Korelc. So get your LinkedIn profile on a higher level and guarantee yourself a perfect career match now! We wish you the best of luck.

Danica Tajčman, Efnews

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