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The BGS society welcomes new generation of graduates

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On Thursday, 16 June 2022, the School of Economics and Business hosted the induction ceremony where membership certificates of Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) were awarded to new members. Membership in this society, founded at the School of Economics and Business in 2012, is open only to the best students and graduates of institutions with AACSB accreditation. More than 750,000 businesspeople, economists and experts from all over the world were thus joined by the 12th generation, with 170 new members from the University of Ljubljana. For some of them this was already the second accolade for their study achievements.


“We are proud that you, excellent students, are part of our academic community and that you, with your achievements, have contributed to the promotion of our school in the education environment,” Prof. Dr. Metka Tekavčič, Dean of the School of Economics and Business, congratulated the new members.


The honorary speaker Janez Škrabec, General Manager of Riko d.o.o. and President of SEB LU Alumni, also addressed all present. “With your excellent work, you have captured the attention of those who are equally as excellent as you. With today’s commitment to the Beta Gamma Sigma club, you are creating a new core of the successful entrepreneurial network in the future. Beta, gamma and sigma in the name of the society symbolise honour, wisdom and earnestness. These are the highest principles you are committing yourself to by joining the BGS community. Loyalty to these values and your intimate decision to follow and internalise them will be of help and support to you when taking individual decisions as well as charting your life and career paths. This is the deepest purpose and meaning of these internal compasses and external commitments. If ever, these values are important today, when we have found ourselves in adversity, when our rules and safety mechanisms are failing. When our world derails, moral law becomes the foundation we must rely on in our decisions that, only yesterday, were unforeseen.”


Every BGS chapter also has the possibility of nominating two honorary members every year, who are reputable representatives of the business community and have proven themselves in the business world with an extraordinary sense of leadership. In 2022 the honorary members are Vanja Hrovat, CEO at Generali Zavarovalnica d.o.o., and Andrej Božič, BB Consulting. The honorary distinctions were officially awarded to two 2021 recipients, namely Zlata Tavčar, Co-founder and General Manager at Tax-Fin-Lex, and Radenko Mijatović, President of the Football Association of Slovenia, as well as two 2020 recipients, Tatjana Fink, Director at DEMT d.o.o., and Dr. Yuri Sidorovich, Managing Partner and Forensic Leader for Deloitte’s Adriatic Region.


Iva Drvarič, EFnews

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