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IMB Financial Management Guest Lectures

28.02.2021Comments are closed.,

In the past week, IMB with the help of the Financial Management course professor Dušan Mramor, hosted several distinguished guests, who helped students to gain a better understanding of the current happenings and prepare them on their course project.

We thank the following guests to help us expand our knowledge:

  • Prof. dr. Martin Čopič (Energy challenges connected to environmental goals)
  • Dr. Peter Worstner (productivity problems related to transition to the fourth industrial revolution)
  • Dr. Peter Gašperšič (transport challenges connected to environmental goals)
  • Tilen Božič (challenges concerning the highest possible employment concerning ageing population)
  • Mag. Saša Jazbec (impact of appropriate economic policy on business environment)
  • Mag. Blaž Brodnjak (impacts of new technologies)

We wish our students best of luck with their course project!

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