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29.04.2021Comments are closed.,

Over the past two weeks, our IMB students worked really hard on a strategy consulting project under the Strategic Management course (prof. dr. Adriana Rejc Buhovac). They were tasked with formulating a strategy for two various projects of the Union Hotel Collection and worked alongside the UHC executive director, Mr Matej Rigelnik. We are extremely […]


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All ambitious students are invited to attend the International Full Time Master Programme in Business and Organization (IMB) open days that will be held either online, due to the current situation, or later on at the IMB residential premises at the School of Economics and Business. Schedule: 20 May 2021 at 5 P.M (online session) […]


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On this year’s Business Logistics Day (Dan poslovne logistike 2021) our students made an appearance and presented, under the supervision of Prof Jakšič, a proposal of an overall vaccination plan for Slovenia. You can check their contribution here: https://youtu.be/tVtWKmR4hoM?t=3436 We are very proud of the whole generation which prepared this proposal and of course special […]


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Last Friday we were delighted to host Mr. Aleš Janhar, Director of Engineering at Lam Research (Silicon Valley), who shared with us his career path, talked about the Lam Research company (and semiconductor fabrication plants), challenges in the semiconductor field, Big Data and the importance of communication and culture. Some of the most interesting insights […]


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Our third guest on one of the Financial Management lectures, was Peter Gašperšič, PhD, Member Of The Management Board at DARS d.d. (Slovenian company in charge of building, managing and maintaining the motorways and expressways of Slovenia) who shared some very important views on the topic of mobility and environmental challenges. Some of the most […]


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Our second guest on one of the Financial Management lectures, was Tilen Božič, former State Secretary at Ministry of Finance, who presented various important aspects of working population and the threats of our ageing system. Some of the most interesting facts are listed below: Current labour force participation rates are very high both in Slovenia […]


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In one of the Financial Management sessions, IMB hosted mag. Blaž Brodnjak, the President of the Management Board at NLB (the largest Slovenian bank), who shared lots of insights on impacts of the new technologies when it comes to the traditional banking. Some of the most interesting facts are listed below: Real historical data of […]


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In the past week, IMB with the help of the Financial Management course professor Dušan Mramor, hosted several distinguished guests, who helped students to gain a better understanding of the current happenings and prepare them on their course project. We thank the following guests to help us expand our knowledge: Prof. dr. Martin Čopič (Energy […]


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Yet another moment where we are VERY proud of our students! In the previous week they have successfully presented their final findings to Mercator’s leadership and got nothing than positive feedback!   As mentioned, IMB students spend each year vast number of hours working on the most important project of their year – Mercator project. […]


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Nowadays situation is for many extremely tough. Even the most successful businesses can find themselves in trouble due to the COVID-19 crisis, leaving many families in difficulties. It is our responsibility to step up and help everyone in need, on a personal basis and also as future managers. We have invited Mrs Anita Ogulin, the […]


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