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FM Guest Lecture | Blaž Brodnjak

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In one of the Financial Management sessions, IMB hosted mag. Blaž Brodnjak, the President of the Management Board at NLB (the largest Slovenian bank), who shared lots of insights on impacts of the new technologies when it comes to the traditional banking. Some of the most interesting facts are listed below:
  • Real historical data of consumers is the main advantage of traditional banks
  • Thanks to the new and improved technology and data analytics, banks have now an enormous opportunity to invest in consumer experience and gain the needed competitive advantage
  • When it comes to the “new age” digital banks, such as Revolut or N26, one can say that they do not have sustainable business models as their product portfolio is too narrow and one can not survive for long when their services are free
  • Traditional banks will definitely not become extinct and will be stronger than ever
We thank Mr Brodnjak for all the knowledge he passed onto us and cannot wait to present him with our students’ findings.

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