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FM Guest Lecture | Tilen Božič

17.03.2021Comments are closed.,

Our second guest on one of the Financial Management lectures, was Tilen Božič, former State Secretary at Ministry of Finance, who presented various important aspects of working population and the threats of our ageing system.
Some of the most interesting facts are listed below:
  • Current labour force participation rates are very high both in Slovenia and EU
  • Slovenia has a very good support system that allows people to work
  • We must know that structural reforms don’t come cheap
  • Slovenia has currently very high marginal rates, when it comes to gross gross versus net salary
  • Threat of glass ceiling is ever so present – it is currently not worth to have a higher salary as you get less out of it and lose the subsidies
We thank Mr Božič for all the knowledge he passed onto us and cannot wait to present him with our students’ findings.

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