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IMB Talk | Aleš Janhar

22.03.2021Comments are closed.,

Last Friday we were delighted to host Mr. Aleš Janhar, Director of Engineering at Lam Research (Silicon Valley), who shared with us his career path, talked about the Lam Research company (and semiconductor fabrication plants), challenges in the semiconductor field, Big Data and the importance of communication and culture. Some of the most interesting insights are listed below:

  • At the heart of every electronic product is a complex microchip, each chip contains thousands of miniature components that require advanced technologies to create, and Lam’s equipment is used to manufacture these semiconductor devices
  • If we imagine semiconductors by the numbers, we will get something around $415 Billion for semiconductors and then $2.1 Trillion for electronics (2019 data)
  • Lam Research employs 12,200 people across North America, Asia and Europe and generates $11.9B annual revenue
  • Exponentially increasing data, exploding data sources and shrinking time to action will result in massive advances in computing power needed everywhere
  • IoT development will also increase the risk of privacy invasion, it was said that the connected world is a dangerous place
  • Culture in Silicon Valley is unique – no work time, unlimited vacation, no technical training provided, fierce competition, 1 day termination period on both sides, flexibility
  • AI will take good and bad from us and it will amplify it

In the name of the whole IMB & SEB LU we wish to thank Mr Janhar for his time and knowledge passed to our students and wider audience!

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