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Enhancing Statistics Education by Including Qualitative Research

07.01.2016Comments are closed.


statistics education,
qualitative research,
student motivation,
skill transfer


Irena Ograjenšek, Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana & Iddo Gal, University of Haifi

Purpose of this article:

In this paper, we propose to re-examine the role of qualitative thinking in the early stages of learning statistics and, where relevant, integrate selected elements of qualitative research methods into statistics curricula. We believe that this can help to improve statistics education, deepen desired student understanding of the role of statistics in providing answers to real-world problems and address recurring concerns about student motivation.

Target audience:

Teachers, researchers and users of statistics from business communities.

Article’s subject:

The paper clarifies the logic underlying our proposal to include qualitative ideas into statistics curriculum, examines existing connections between qualitative and quantitative research during instruction that often go unacknowledged and can be built upon, explores practical implementation issues and discusses advantages as well as limitations of the proposed approach.

Main findings:

Statistical education can be enhanced significantly by inclusion of qualitative research.

Added value for companies, recommendations for management:

Systematic inclusion of qualitative research in statistics education will provide business communities with more statistically literate employees which is of immense importance in the big data era.


International Statistical Review, ISSN 0306-7734, DOI: 10.1111/insr.12158


JCR 2014 IF: 1.2; SE; Statistics & Probability ; 41/122(2); AJG 2015: 3 SNIP 2014 IF: 1.847; SSE; 1804 – Statistics, Probability and Uncertainty ; 11/90(1)

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