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Seeing is not necessarily liking: Advancing research on package design with eye-tracking

29.05.2017Comments are closed.


Package design,
Visual attention,
Beer category,
Package evaluation


  • Melika Husić-Mehmedović, PhD, University of Sarajevo, School of Economics and Business,
  • Ismir Omeragić, Marketing Consulting and Research VALICON,
  • Zenel Batagelj, Marketing Consulting and Research VALICON,
  • Tomaž Kolar, PhD, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics


This paper contributes to the package design research by proposing and verifying process-based framework that explain how various package features affect customers visual attention. An exploratory study was carried out in virtual settings, deploying eye-tracking methodology in combination with package collages in order to assure a reasonably realistic product category context, yet better control over non-package factors that affect attention. Findings suggest that physical and semantic package features affect attention during the ‘orientation’ phase and reveal how efficiently attention is transferred to the brand in the ‘discovery’ phase. Results in addition reveal that packages that attract the most attention are not necessarily likeable or suitable, but also that recall is a questionable measure of attention. The study provides important implications by informing management on how to break the visual clutter and stand out from competitors, while staying in line with the product category ‘code’.


Journal of Business Research, Available online 2 May 2017


JCR 2015 IF: 2.129


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