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Otvoritev razstave – Lech Kolasiński – »Independence of Nature«


V juliju in avgustu 2017 se v Galeriji Ekonomske fakultete predstavlja poljski akademski slikar Lech Kolasiński.

Lech Kolasiński se je rodil 12. marca 1986 v Sosnowiecu na Poljskem. Študiral je slikarstvo na Akademiji za likovno umetnost v Krakovu. Leta 2012 je diplomiral iz interdisciplinarnega študija pri dr. Grzegorza Sztwiertnia. Njegova glavna področja ustvarjanja so, kjer ima slikarjeva perspektiva najpomembnejšo vlogo, slikarstvo, video umetnost, animacija in ilustracija. Trenutno vodi doktorski študij na Fakulteti za industrijsko oblikovanje pri oblikovanju taktilne grafike za ljudi z motnjami vida. Njegova dela so bila prikazana ne samo na posameznih razstavah v Krakovu, Sosnowiecu, Ljubljani, Mariboru in Lecce, temveč tudi na skupinskih razstavah na Poljskem, v Sloveniji, Nemčiji, Italiji in Litvi. Od leta 2014 je predavatelj na Filozofski fakulteti v Pedagoški fakulteti v Krakovu. Zasebno je ponosen lastnik štirih kaktusov.

O avtorju in njegovem delu je poljska umetnica Katarzyna Maciąg napisala sledeče:

»If I were not me, then I should wish to be Diogenes.


A story. On a pale morning, on the verge of 3rd and 4th century, Alexander III of Macedon (commonly known as Alexander the Great) decided to pay a visit to Diogenes the Cynic. The ruler of the ancient world was so shocked seeing the poverty in which the wise man lived that he made him a proposal: “Ask anything you want and I will make it happen!” Hearing these words Diogenes leaped out of his barrel, looked straight into king’s face and replied “Than stand out of my light.”

It’s hard not to laugh when you hear these words especially taking into consideration other feats of the famous Greek philosopher. When his teacher Antisthenes was trying to chase him away with a stick Diogenes had only one thing to say: “Strike, for you will not find any stick hard enough to drive me away as long as you continue to speak.” I’ve got a feeling that Diogenes is my favorite philosopher. But let’s get to the point as this story was supposed to concern painting rather than philosophy.

Chapter I

… Image. Forrest. Tree. Leaf. Symetry. Golden mean. Multiplication. Kaleidoscope. Thicket. Music. Harmony. Essence. Quddity. Paintings by Lech Kolasiński combine all these characteristics.

Specimen. Study of leaves hanging in cosmic abstract space, reminds of the first sound of Beethoven’s symphony. They seem perfectly arranged, submerged in thick cosmic darkness, in chaos and order, in the ecstatic rain. There is a reason why the artist decided to apply golden mean rule. Harmony. Reflection of Platonic world of ideas. Dual nature of reality. It shows the true fascination with beauty of the world and its construction. The work becomes dynamic. Ice-covered world with its sharp contour drawn space breaks under the sharp glance that tears the surface of the canvass. Cold, chill, vertical composition. This is the most subjective of all the paintings. It’s getting silent.

Chapter II

“The woods are lovely dark and deep and you have promises to keep miles to go before I sleep. Miles to go before I sleep.”[1]

Silence lasts for a second. Dramatic tension is sublimated by curiosity. The forest can be seen from every perspective. Viewers are getting lost in the fragrant thicket. The perception begins to change as in secret forestry garden. Vertigo starts. Thanks to smell, humidity, and light the spectators fall asleep on a soft blanket made of moss.


Now I know that this world is just a mere reflection of never-ending reality. Reality that goes around circle and replicates the same patterns. Ladies and gentlemen that image screams: how perfect is that world!«

Otvoritev razstave bo v torek, 4. julija 2017 ob 17. uri v prostorih Galerije.

1 Stopping by Woods on a snowy evening, fragment poematu Roberta Frosta.

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