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Ward Crawford & ALUMNI: Long lasting success of the companies

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Ward Crawford & ALUMNI: Long lasting success of the companies


On Thursday, November 8, 2012, the Faculty of Economics, in the association with the Sustainability Academy, hosted a foreign professor from the United Kingdom, Ward Crawford.  The main topic of the lecture was the long lasting success of the companies through the new business models, in a tight correlation with sustainability, as the essential way of doing nowadays business.

„A society needs successful business stories. “

Prof. Crawford presented the main global topic issues that affect society and economy the most. Furthermore, as a consequence to all that changes, the firm’s organization structures  are changing.

„Firstly, a major change in attitude is becoming in business, which has been in the past years ignorant, selfish of the needs, because of the profits as the main goals, that a traditional business models wanted the most. Things are changing. All stakeholders are well established, but not also well developed in the business. A costumer has become the main stakeholder and what business does is being observed. “, said prof. Crawford, „and for that reason, it is crucial for the companies to know how to establish the long lasting and trustful relationships with their clients. But have that in mind: A client is smarter than you think. “

„A strategy is a clear vision of what an organization wants to do, whereas a leadership represents the removal of all the barriers that exist. „

„Are you prepared to tell your mother what are you doing? “

As prof. Crawford added „the respect for business has been also changed. In the past years, there was an extremely big salary growth for the CEO’s, but on the other hand, workers have not gained bigger salaries. There are more reasons for that condition. One of them is a fact that in a competitive environment you need the best people, above the average. And the leaders are responsible for setting up the key values, norms and the way of functioning things. Also the typical prototype of an over-confident and not self-critical CEO may be problematic. A good leader has to find a way to implement new strategies that differ from the aggressive environment – and should never give up. “

„…in an competitive environment you need the best people, above the average.“

It was also pointed out that in the sustainable planet the role of business, has a lot of irrelevant things with business itself. Furthermore, prof. Crawford commented: „If we want to become economic and social sustainable, we need to focus on the key factors and some of them represent planet, people and profit. On the other hand, at the same time, it is very important that companies participate in the co-creation of the new value, which is multidimensional. “


„Wealth, well-being and worth… “

As a conclusion, prof. Crawford pointed out the importance of the measure of success and the key thing, which is to find out what has been measured in the past. Because that is the only right way to success.

“There exists but one system of ethics for men and for all nations – to be grateful, to be faithful to all engagements under all circumstances, to be open and generous, promoting in the long run even the interests of both“ Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

Iskra Tanjga, EF News

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