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Art Exhibit “Bridge and the City”: “This is my passion and I want to enjoy it”

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On the March 10th 2015, the Faculty of Economics opened a new exhibit entitled “Bridge and the City”. The exhibit is a collaboration between three different associations and Alex Delay, as well as a collaboration of styles, techniques, and mediums.

The main attraction of the exhibit are the amazing multiple canvas paintings that create a larger image when hung together, one of a city and one of a bridge. These amazing paintings are the work of 12 artists, as each canvas that makes up the larger image, was painted by a different artists, Žana Banov Ribnikar, Breda Čuk, Pšenica Kovačič, Marija Dvanajščak, Orkar Arko, Maja Zorec, Pia Zavratnik, Irena Armanini, Nataša Druškovič, Andreja Čeligoj, Nina Damjanič, Duško Rupčič. It took five years to complete the works (2005-2010) and they are a part of a bigger exhibit called Cinemascope, which has been shown in Italy and Austria, as well as in Slovenia. The artists are a part of the group 12th stroke (Slikarska skupina 12.poteza). These two pieces are very unusual, as most painters work alone, while these artists worked together to create something amazing.

Alex Delay, the photographer, is the only individual artist in the exhibition, with 5 of his works on display. Taken between 2013 and2015, the images feature Paris and Ljubljana, and are in colour, as well as, black and white. Delay began working with photography 7 years ago and when asked why he became a photographer, he answered, “It was because I saw the photography in National Geographic and I thought, I’m going to do this one day. My goal is to make something as good as National geographic. This is my passion and I want to enjoy it.” The images show city life, the people living there, lights of the city, people walking, riding bikes, and they completely capture the city. Delay originally studied media, but has recently changed to photography, he is very ambitious and even stated that he may attend another faculty after finishing his current studies and also mentioned starting his own company.

The last 2 contributors to the exhibit are actually mother and daughter. Andra Jurjavčič is a skilled lace maker who learned lace-making as a young girl in Idrija. Her daughter, Manja Balek Jurjavčič, is a self-taught calligrapher and both are members of here&now club (klub tukaj&zdaj). Together, they produce incredible works featuring lace and calligraphy. There is 1 work by both mother and daughter, 1 work of calligraphy, and 1 work featuring both calligraphy and water colour by Manja Balek Jurjavčič, who is also a member of the Association For Free-Time Activities, the Creative World (Društvo za prostočasne dejavnosti Ustvarjalni svet). Manja Balek Jurjavčič learned calligraphy in high school, stating, “When I was in high school, I signed up to take a calligraphy class, but I didn’t have time, so I sent my mom, she is also a calligrapher. Then, when I saw what she was doing I said this is cool, so I just did it.” She currently runs a language school and teaches English, while Andra Jurjavčič is retired. This blend of techniques is completely new and original, creating an amazing piece of work that fascinates everyone.

Leeanna Whirl, EFnews


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