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About the challenges of e-business on Business Logistics Day 2018

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On Wednesday 4 April 2018, the FELU hosted a traditional event organised by the Academic Unit for Business Informatics and Logistics in cooperation with the PI-PL Society, namely Business Logistics Day. The representatives of three companies presented their views on how to overcome the challenges of e-business and online sales, while the event also offered an opportunity to establish new contacts.

Moj paket Pošte Slovenije is a company dealing in online sales and since 2016 also sales in all post offices. Aleksander Majhen, the Director, emphasised that the challenge (and thus the biggest restriction) in online sales and e-business in Slovenia is the small and saturated market. “We strived to understand whether we could find an opportunity in the region and came across an idea that we could create, besides an online shop, also a platform as a model that could be transferred elsewhere”. Consequently, the company expanded its shop so as to include the functionalities of connections with different systems of business-information, logistics, payment types etc.

Time holds the greatest value today”, declared Andrej Vidmar from the Coolomat company which tackles the challenges of delivery as part of the supply chain. This is a problem many companies face, which is why the company has developed a very simple process for customers. The customer first orders a product they desire in the online shop of the vendor which is connected with the company. As the two systems communicate, the vendor can make a reservation in the next step and the customer is informed about whether the product has been delivered to the desired location where a Coolomat device is physically situated.

The only constant in today’s business world is change”, said Lea Benedejčič, the Director of the Mimovrste company, at the end. She also talked about suppliers as the company has a supplier base of about 350. She noted it is important to also think about how things travel to the company and not only how they leave it. Therefore, the company plans to upgrade its system with a special programme that will determine the delivery times of each supplier. Another challenge facing the company is the space in which the goods are handled, stored and delivered to the unit.

In addition to all of the challenges mentioned, the participants were certainly encouraged by the stories of great solutions that have helped successful Slovenian companies in their day-to-day operations as well as by the idea that anyone with a good dose of innovation, dedication and know-how can join in the development of new solutions.

Special thanks are due to members of the PI-PL Society Kristijan Tornič, Žak Kralj, Jan Štrukelj, Blaž Spreitzer, Jernej Rebec, Nina Mrak, Alen Škotniku, Matija Veber, Anže Obolnar, Alen Tancica and Anja Bratkovič who actively cooperated with the FELU and the Academic Unit for Business Informatics and Logistics.

Anja Puc, EFnews


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