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Message from the Dean, 24. 7. 2020

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Dear students,

The summer semester of the 2020/2021 academic year is now behind us. Studies in the completely new and unpredictable circumstances were a challenge to us all and, together, we all learned a great deal. We successfully completed the teaching process, which in spring was conducted entirely online. Moreover, we enabled all students to take exams – those with exams held on campus, respecting all of the medical recommendations, and those who, for whatever reason, could not come to the School and thus completed their exams remotely. We wish to thank you all for your cooperation and understanding.

The SEB LU has been preparing for the conclusion of the academic year, including the autumn examination period, and for the start of the new one. The way in which the teaching process is to be conducted in the next academic year depends on the epidemiological situation and the instructions issued by the relevant authorities. The SEB LU Senate has confirmed several different scenarios for conducting the teaching process; which one to apply will only be decided on towards the end of September.

If the epidemiological picture remains similar to the current one, we shall carry out part of our teaching processes for the first-year students of graduate studies directly in lecture rooms, combined with online teaching, since it seems unlikely we can avoid the latter. In higher years as well as in master’s studies, the teaching process is planned to be primarily conducted online. We will build on the experience gained in the last few months, also thanks to your cooperation, while we conduct the teaching process.

If the epidemiological picture worsens and stricter measures are introduced, the whole teaching process will be conducted online, like we did in the summer semester this year.

Regarding the English-language implementation of the UPEŠ study programme, it now seems almost certain that the winter semester of the 2020/2021 academic year will be conducted entirely online because over half the students enrolled in the programmes are foreigners and will probably not be allowed to come to Slovenia.

We have put up the following documents for you on Student-net:

-      Instructions for the taking of exams in the autumn examination period;

-      Instructions on the enrolment process for a higher year, due to start on 17 August 2020;

-      Conditions for progression to the next year;

-      Conditions for extending student status for justified reasons during the epidemic, arising from the Act Determining Intervention Measures to Contain the COVID-19 Epidemic and Mitigate its Consequences for Citizens and the Economy, which only applies to enrolment for the 2020/2021 academic year.

We kindly invite all students to respond to the survey now available at Student-net. We wish to learn about your views and suggestions on implementing the remote study process so that we can incorporate them in our future activities.

The staff of the Student Affairs Office are available to give explanations by e-mail. However, the Office will not be open to students at the SEB LU until 30 September 2020. If you need individual advice, you can arrange a meeting with the Student Affairs Office staff by e-mail.

We will promptly inform you of important information concerning the teaching process on the SEB LU website and Student-net.

We hope that you will be able to take time in the coming days for a well-deserved holiday to rest and regather your strength for the new academic year.


Prof. Dr. Metka Tekavčič

Dean of the SEB LU

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