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22.05.2017Comments are closed.

Keywords: Customer satisfaction; service quality; airline type; low cost; full service; behavioral intention Author(s): Mateja Kos Koklič, PhD, Univesrity of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics Monika Kukar-Kinney, PhD, University of Richmond, Robins School of Business Mag. Špela Vegelj   Abstract: Using a survey of 382 passengers, this research examines customer satisfaction and its antecedents and consequences […]


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Keywords: Dynamic Factor Models, Cointegration, Structural Analysis, Factor-augmented Error Correction Models, FAVAR Author(s): Anindya Banerjee (University of Birmingham), Massimiliano Marcellino (Bocconi University) Igor Masten (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics) Purpose of this article: The paper develops a new econometric model for structural macroeconomic analysis using large panels of non-stationary data. Target audience: Research community […]


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Keywords: Innovative work behavior, knowledge hiding, mastery climate, job design. Author(s): Matej Černe, PhD, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics; Tomislav Hernaus, PhD, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb; Anders Dysvik, PhD, BI Norwegian Business School; Miha Škerlavaj, PhD, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics and BI Norwegian Business School   Abstract: This […]


06.03.2017Comments are closed.

Keywords: fiscal policy, fiscal multiplier, government spending, fiscal stance/behaviour, EU, OECD Author(s): Dr. Jernej Mencinger,  University of Ljubljana Faculty of Administration; Dr. Aleksander Aristovnik, University of LjubljanaFaculty of Administration; Dr. Miroslav Verbič, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics   Abstract: In this article, we take account of an evaluation of the short- and medium-term effects of […]


24.02.2017Comments are closed.

Keywords: matrix algebra, field, commuting graph, diameter Author(s): dr. David Dolžan, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, dr. Damjana Kokol Bukovšek, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics, dr. Bojan Kuzma, University of Primorska, FAMNIT   Abstract: For each prime p≥7 we construct two matrices inside M2p(Q), such that their distance in a commuting graph Γ(M2p(Q)) equals six. Journal: Linear […]


20.01.2017Comments are closed.

Keywords: Entrepreneurial openness; Personality; Construct development; Cross-cultural research. Author(s): Dr. Alenka Slavec, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics Dr. Mateja Drnovšek, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics Dr. Robert D. Hisrich, Kent State University Purpose of this article: This study introduces entrepreneurial openness as a construct that helps understanding the impact of entrepreneur’s personality on […]


18.01.2017Comments are closed.

Keywords: Innovation; Decentralization; Employee involvement; Absorptive capacity Author(s): Dr. Kaja Rangus, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics Dr. Alenka Slavec, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics Purpose of this article: This paper investigates the relationship between organizational characteristics and firm’s innovation and business performance. Specifically, we examine how decentralization, absorptive capacity, and employee involvement (in light […]


22.12.2016Comments are closed.

Keywords: Economic growth; Global income inequality; Economic development; Political economy of institutions Author(s): dr. rer. sci. Oec. Rok Spruk, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics Purpose of this article: This paper presents an attempt to quantify institutional changes and examine the respective effects of de jure and de facto political institutions on the path of […]


05.11.2016Comments are closed.

Keywords: Demand forecasting, Exponential smoothing methods, Seasonal data, Holt-Winters methods, Damped trend methods, M3-Competition, Individual products, Symmetric relative efficiency measure Author(s): Liljana Ferbar Tratar, PhD, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics Blaž Mojškerc, PhD, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics Aleš Toman, PhD,  University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics Abstract: Exponential smoothing methods are powerful tools for […]


24.10.2016Comments are closed.

Keywords: Leadership, outcomes, multilevel, review, co-citation analysis. Author(s): Saša Batistič, PhD, Department of Human Resource Studies, Tilburg University Matej Černe, PhD,University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics Bernd Vogel, PhD, Henley Business School, University of Reading Abstract: The use of multi-level theories and methodologies in leadership has gained momentum in recent years. However, the leadership field […]


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