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First ALUMNI Forum: Doing business in India

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»India has a great potential, because it offers many opportunities which Slovenia can adopt in the future.

On Thursday, November 15th, the first ALUMNI Forum took place at the Faculty of Enocomics. The purpose of the event is to host and gather all the Alumni members who want to be in touch with the bussines and to hear lectures presented by sucessful businessman and lecturers about the actual themes.

India-rising market

The main event theme was India, which is becoming more and more interesting for slovenian companies and investors because of its rising market. In the first session of the event four guests presented their experiences and knowledge which was acquired while dealing with the indian market. After the break there was the round table, where an interactive debate was held amongst guests and the audience.

The event was opened by the indian ambassador in Slovenia Jayakar Jerome who shown the video about the Indian cultural and natural features. India is known as one of the leading countries in the textile, biotechnology and IT industries. The fast development of this east, exotic country was described by Jerome as: »In 1991 we realized that in India, we have to encourage our economy. Our goal was to improve the activity of public institutions, because that was the only posibility to reach international business.«

Guest Mirjana Dimc Perko, advisor for the companies which want to do their business at the indian market also shared her experiences with the Alumni members. She said that Slovenia has a great potential for investing in indian market, despite the current crisis. Indian market is specific because of its cultural features and sometimes can be harder to approach, as guest described:« When you are entering at the indian market you have to find someone who can help you and on who you can relay on.«

The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce was represented by Nataša Turk, who has many experiences by the doing business in India, especially because her job at the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce is to cover India, arabic countries and countries ASEAN. Turk also wrote a manual: »India-consumer Koromandia«.

The first session was closed by Vojko Kercan who graduated at the Faculty of Economics. Kercan, the managing director of Dhimani company, brought his excitment over indian culture to Slovenia. He established the Institute for the science culture Gopuram with the purpose to approach the indian culture. Kercan finished his presentation with this thought: »The bussines should be the combination of materialism and spiritualism.«

Round table

In the next session there was a round table, where guests discussed about the indian opportunities and doing business at the indian market. The round table was also joined by Rudi Bric, who is CEO at the company PETRA machines and emphasized the competition and continuous rivarly which rules at the indian market. Hugo Bosio, general director of the company Bosio who also joined the debate said: »You need a lot of time for doing business in India, you have to work and negotiate hard, and at the end there is a sucess.«

First ALUMNI Forum closed with refreshments and all participants had a relaxed chat amongst Indian specialties and slovenian wine.

Indian ambassador commented the event: »This is an excellent event. There were even more people than I expexted. I hope that in the future more companies will come to India to do their business.«


Jana Drolc, EFnews

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