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Hire for attitude, train for skill Slovenian Youth to Business Forum, March 24

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How to secure our future employment?

Had popped up as one of the key questions among the delegates to which the discussion panel guest have replied with the philosophy “hire for attitude, train for skill”, that is gaining in popularity among human resource workers across the globe. Quoting one of the guests, Tjaša Kolenc Filipčič, President of the managers association youth section: “The responsibility for the future is in the hands of every individual.” Participating in extracurricular activities and proactivity on one hand and the determination to achieve what we strive for in our careers and setting clear goals on the other had been presented as the recipe for success.

On top of the discussion panel, a series of company workshops had been run, where business challenges faced by the companies were presented to the participant with the help of business cases, strengthening their business savvy. Besides that, individuals had familiarised themselves with the necessary competencies needed for professional and personal development, an interactive team work environment, analytical approach to case solving, planning appropriate solutions and the presentation of the latter. Demonstrating the appropriate approach and work ethics, the best participants have ensured themselves a chance for a job with the partner companies.

Youth to Business Forum, organised twice annually by AIESEC , represents the crossroad of the business world and the youth, eager to get involved even during the course of their studies. Companies cooperating on the project are inclined to support these activities and opening a cross generational dialogue. Attending were the representatives of Mercuri International, Hella Saturnus, NIL d.o.o. and Studio Moderna, being potentially interesting employers according to the students. “Well invested time, I wish for more events of these kind in the future, Student of Faculty of Economics„


Aleksander Brankov, EFnews


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